Black Bear Dental lab

Black Bear Dental Lab

Black Bear Dental Lab

Black Bear Dental LabBlack Bear Dental Lab

3D Printing

Envision TEC Perfactory Vida

The unit we use is a top of the line DLP printer.  With the capability to print down to 30 microns with a superior finish.  Much like you, we also feel accuracy is important and this machine provides the type of accuracy we need. 

Accepted File Types

The Perfactory Vida will accept STL files.  If the inter-oral scanner that is used creates a 3D image, it can be converted to an STL file and printed with our equipment. 



Lampert PUK D3

This pulse welder is the newest addition to our high tech lab.  


Permanent Bonds

All metal work will be pulse welded, which will provide smaller, cleaner and stronger bonds with a permanent result.  


At The Point of Welding

This process uses pin point electricity and a microscope to melt two metals together permanently.  The act of welding gives off a bright, quick flash of light along with sparks.